Family Week

Get ready for a week filled with laughter, adventure, and unforgettable memories at Family Week. Nestled on the picturesque shores of Loch Earn near St Fillans, Perthshire, this casual family event promises an idyllic setting for a week of bonding and excitement. Embrace the spirit of sailing as you and your loved ones embark on thrilling voyages across the glistening waters. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner, there are plenty of opportunities to learn the ropes and navigate the serene Loch Earn. From leisurely cruises to friendly regattas, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Aside from the sailing adventures, Family Week offers a delightful array of activities for landlubbers too. Gather around the sizzling BBQ pits to indulge in mouthwatering grilled delicacies, while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow participants. Engage in friendly competitions and games, where the young and young-at-heart can channel their inner pirates. Walk the plank on a life-sized pirate ship and experience the thrill of being a swashbuckler. As the week unfolds, be prepared for surprises and prizes galore, with thrilling giveaways that will make your heart skip a beat. So mark your calendars, pack your sunscreen, and join us at Family Week at Loch Earn Sailing Club for a week of family fun, laughter, and cherished moments.

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