Keelboats at Loch Earn Sailing Club

There are about twenty keelboats based at Loch Earn Sailing Club. A variety of classes are represented including Alacrity, Beneteau and Hunters in various forms, Foxcub, Jaguar 21, Ruffian, and Swift 19. The club places a limit of 23 feet on the overall length of keelboats.

Anyone thinking of purchasing a keelboat for use on the Loch should first seek advice from John McDonald, Cruiser Fleet Captain on the suitability of the vessel they are considering. We would all share your admiration of a 40 foot Beneteau Oceanis but if you insist that's the boat for you we would suggest you find somewhere salty to sail it.


The mooring convener Tony Caudrey is responsible to the commitee for the allocation of moorings. The Club allocates a location on the Loch in which a mooring may be laid. Members are responsible for purchasing their own ground tackle and laying their own mooring. A raft with a winch is available to assist with the laying of moorings. Please note that the use of the raft and the laying and lifting of moorings is entirely at the member's own risk.


Members must ensure the ground tackle is fit for purpose and the mooring must be lifted and inspected every 4 years. Other keelboat owners will be happy to advise on sinkers, ground tackle, and mooring buoys. Keelboat owners are very supportive and will provide assistance with laying moorings if required.



Owners of keelboats are encouraged to participate in weekly races over the weekend during the season. We are hoping to encourage more cruisers off their moorings for a Friday evening race next season.

Owners of keelboats are encouraged to participate in weekly races over the weekend during the season.


We are encouraged to see ever more cruisers off their moorings and racing regularly.


One of the joys of owning a keelboat at Loch Earn is the ability to have a leisurely sail down the loch taking a picnic lunch or perhaps continuing to Lochearnhead and going ashore for coffee and a big slice of cake.


There are opportunites to anchor along the south shore which is very peaceful being well away from the main road that runs along the north side of the Loch.